Germany: Thomas Muller in turn accused of mistreating his horses?

A few days after the publication of a video of Kurt Zouma hitting one of his cats, it is the turn of another footballer, Thomas Müller, to be accused of animal abuse. The German international has been criticized by animal rights group Peta after one of his horses was injured, ‘The Sun’ reported on Thursday.

With his wife Lisa, a seasoned dressage rider, the Bayern Munich striker owns the “Gut Wettlkam” stud farm, located south of Munich and specializing in equestrian sports and horse breeding.

The latter became a few months ago an insemination station, allowing the couple to market the semen of their stallions. Starting with that of “D’Avie”, acquired in August 2020 by Lisa Muller. But the horse recently injured himself while preparing for the breeding season, which is due to start in March.

“Unfortunately, we have bad news. Our favorite D’Avie will not be available in the coming months,” said Thomas Muller. “He slipped during a test attempt to prepare for breeding season and fell dramatically to the side. He suffered a hoof injury and will need to rest completely for the next few months.

And D’Avie’s injury angered the Peta organization, which strongly denounced the practices of Thomas Muller and his companion. “It is horrific that self-proclaimed horse lovers force the animals in their care to perform unnatural sex acts for profit. The injuries sustained by D’Avie under the supervision of Lisa and Thomas Müller were preventable and unnecessary,” said Jana Hoger, spokeswoman for the world’s largest animal rights organization, as the semen dose frozen would be sold for around 200 euros by the couple.

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