Gianni Infantino reaffirms that his FIFA games will be better than those of Electronic Arts

If you missed this highly publicized soap opera, let’s remember to start with that Electronic Arts has put an end to its long partnership with FIFA, which consisted of the publisher paying a staggering sum just to have the right to use the brand. FIFA and FIFA World Cup rights. All other licenses, from clubs and leagues to stadiums and player image, are the result of various separate agreements unrelated to FIFA. As a result, Electronic Arts’ football games will be called EA Sports FC starting this year. Something to destabilize the habits of the general public for a while, but certainly not to shake the building built by EA for decades.


Still, from the top of his tower, Gianni Infantino remains convinced that his organization will be able to continue releasing FIFA football games without Electronic Arts and even do better than its former longtime partner. ” New FIFA game – FIFA 25, 26, 27 and so on – will always be the best egame for any girl or boy, we will have news for you about it very soon “, he commented during his press conference with a choice of words that gives a new meaning to the term boomer.

There are many questions to ask. Does Gianni Infantino have the faintest idea of ​​the resources and experience needed to produce a football simulation that would undermine EA’s dominant position? Which studio would be able to tackle such a project knowing that EA Sports’ closest competitor, Konami, preferred to take refuge in free-to-play and mobile to continue to exist? According to the declaration of Gianni la malice, the answer would in any case come as early as next year with the release of a FIFA 25 coming to face the future EA Sports FC 25.

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