Giant blackout at Toyota: 14 factories shut down in Japan, fear of a cyberattack

Samir Rahmoun

August 29, 2023 at 6:40 p.m.




A cyberattack that targeted Toyota has crippled nearly the company’s entire production apparatus in Japan.

Cybersecurity is also a car manufacturer business. It is indeed not uncommon to see a big name suffer the horrors of attacks by a hacker. We saw Ferrari being hacked last year. Now it’s Toyota’s turn.

Unable to order parts

In recent days, transport seems to rhyme with piracy. We saw at the end of last week the Polish railway system hit by a radio wave attack. Even more recently, it was Toyota that had to face a cyberoffensive, the result of which was to shut down the manufacturer in Japan.

Indeed, because of this attack, the computer system of the world’s number 1 automobile is no longer able to process orders for spare parts. This therefore prevents the production sites located in the archipelago from being able to carry out their activity. This problem has not yet been passed on to the company’s share price.

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14 factories shut down

The market seems confident about the auto giant’s ability to recover. However, the attack hurt, since it shut down 25 production lines, or 12 of the 14 Toyota factories located on the territory of the Japanese archipelago. This lack of supply then led to the suspension of the group’s last two factories still in operation.

Toyota will have to quickly remedy the problem. After having suffered, like many of its competitors, a difficult year 2022 due to the shortage of semiconductors, the Japanese company had recorded a first half benefiting from a good growth in its production. The reasons for this problem and the potential origin of a cyber attacker are not yet known to the leaders.

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