giant charging stations are coming to the highways soon

Always more charging stations to encourage people to switch to electric cars. VINCI Autoroutes is taking advantage of this formula and announcing the arrival of 4 large fast charging stations. They will all have between 15 and 25 terminals available.

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The electric car is definitely on the rise. So much so that sales of electric vehicles overtook diesel for the first time. To supply this constantly growing vehicle fleet, the emphasis is on creating as many charging stations as possible. The objective of 100,000 terminals was exceeded in May and today, 99% of motorway service areas allow fast charging, ie a power of at least 150 kW.

Far from stopping on such a good path, VINCI Autoroutes announces in a press release the creation of 4 giant fast charging stations. Why “giants”? Because the smallest of them will be equipped with 15 terminals, while the other three will have between 23 and 25. In total, 87 charging points will be distributed between the 4 sites. The motorway operator specifies that they will be limited to 150kW of power. It is still enough to recover up to 300 km range in 20 minutes approximately, depending on your battery model.

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Stations with 25 charging stations are coming to some highways

Here is the list of motorway rest areas in the VINCI network which will soon host the giant stations:

  • Meillacon the A10 north of Bordeaux towards Paris: 15 terminals.
  • Saint-Leger Weston the A10 north of Bordeaux towards Paris: 24 terminals.
  • Southern Daisiesnorth of Nîmes on the A9, direction Orange: 23 terminals.
  • chavanontwo-way service area on the A89, north of Ussel: 25 terminals.

Accessible 24/7, each station will also have a universal charging station with three connectors (CCS, type 2 and CHAdeMO), which covers all current standards. VINCI also specifies that the infrastructures are designed “to limit the impact of their construction on the existing environment. For example, the pitches will be covered with draining cobblestones to limit soil waterproofing”. The stations are expected in the coming months, the pole wanting to offer “more than 1,700 operational charging points by the end of the year”.

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