Gifts for teenagers: 10 tips for an absolute hit

Gifts for teenagers
With these 10 ideas you are sure to land a hit

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Gifts for teenagers must be chosen carefully – after all, young adults are not always easy to inspire. With these 10 tips you should be spot on.

Gifts for teenagers are (not) a complicated matter. The times when children were happy about all kinds of toys and cuddly toys are over; the character becomes increasingly solid and with it the idea of ​​a suitable gift. But do not despair – we have put together great gift ideas for teenagers for you. There is sure to be something for your teenage girl too.

Gifts for teenagers: 10 great ideas

Nintendo Switch

You will get big eyes and even greater gratitude when giving away one Nintendo Switch can experience. Pretty much every teenager can be excited about the game console – unless he or she has explicitly requested a PS5. (The PS5 is currently sold out everywhere anyway.) But the multifunctional console, which can be used on the go and on TV at home, is generally very popular. Hardly anyone is surprised. With a broad selection of games typical for Nintendo, there is something for every taste – from classics such as “Super Mario Kart” to “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, which was released in 2020.

Urban Decay eyeshadow palette

Years ago, the cosmetic company Urban Decay was the first to do so with their Naked pallets could spark a real hype about an eyeshadow palette. Since then, those have been among the absolute bestsellers. No wonder – they are now available in numerous color variants, so that everyone can find the right eyeshadow palette. Regardless of whether it is colorful or natural, you are sure to make “your” beauty-loving teenager happy with this gift.

GoPro Actioncam

Is the teenager you are receiving an action fan? Does he or she like to go down the mountain on a mountain bike, skis or snowboard? Or is the skateboard and the halfpipe a part of teenage life? Then an action cam like the one from the well-known GoPro brand is ideal. “Your” teenager can use it to capture all of his adventures – whether by photo or moving image. The camera does not break, is waterproof with the special case and can be connected to the smartphone via the app.

Depending on the model (currently the range goes up to GoPro10) and accessories, you can adapt the gift to your budget and, if necessary, plan “follow-up gifts” for the next birthday and the like.

Dyson hair care products

Regardless of whether Hairdryer, Airwrap or Straightening iron – Dyson’s products are considered a Mercedes in the field of hair care. Since the prices are also in the higher segment, teenagers are guaranteed to be happy about a gift from the Dyson product range. The Dyson Airwrap is particularly popular because it has a decisive advantage over conventional curling irons and the like: The device sucks in the hair on its own and wraps it around the Airwrap. Since it works with significantly lower heat and instead relies on the power of the air flow, it can be used with wet hair. A big plus!

Essie nail polish

Fans of well-groomed, colorful nails love Essie nail polishes – whether teenagers or adults. How about a small gift set? The great thing about Essie products, in addition to good coverage and durability, is above all the enormous range of colors. There is the right nail polish for every taste. In the set there are, for example, several nude or Shades of pink, strong colors or a lot Glitter. Which trio will delight your teen as a gift?


Do your teenagers like to listen to music for hours, follow podcasts or dive into stories in audio book form? Then you can start with new ones AirPods not be wrong. The quality of the wireless Bluetooth headphones impresses with a good sound and around five hours of carefree listening pleasure with just one battery charge.

Analog camera

High-tech and the latest innovations are always popular with young people – but the good old analog camera is also always a trend with teenagers. And therefore an ideal gift. One advantage: the analog cameras are now available for relatively little money, but still offer (hobby) photographers plenty of “play opportunities” and great opportunities to let off steam creatively. the Agfa camera not only exudes the popular retro charm visually, the functions are also reduced to the essentials. You can start with a classic 35 mm film for color photos or black-and-white recordings.

Brush set

A beautiful set of make-up brushes will really please every beauty queen and every beauty king. Since good sets are not always inexpensive, teenagers are happy to receive such a set as a gift. That Brush set from Zoeva consists of eight different brushes – five for the face to apply foundation, powder etc., three brushes for the right eye make-up. While the majority of brushes are made from pure synthetic hair, there are some that are made up of a mix of synthetic and real hair. This means that every brush is ideally suited for its area of ​​application.

Voucher for gaming portals

Gamers – whether they are Playstation, Nintendo or PC fans – are guaranteed to enjoy some “pocket money” for new games or gaming accessories. So if you don’t find a brand new game on the teenager’s wish list, you can simply purchase a voucher for the respective gaming portal. Then the teenager who received the gift is inside the Playstation Networks, to the Google Play Store or that Nintendo eShop completely free in his choice.

Mask maker

Wellness at home is an ideal gift for teenagers. With a Mask maker everyone can: r create a suitable face mask. In this way, the often problematic teenage skin gets exactly the care it needs. The best thing about the homemade masks: control over the ingredients. No unnecessary chemicals, no preservatives – perfect. You might even end up benefiting from this gift yourself …

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