Gims reveals images of the impressive damage to his villa, “It’s crazy”

A “crazy”. Singer Gims shares images of the damage suffered by his villa during the earthquake in Morocco on September 8. An impressive video.

On September 8, a terrible earthquake struck Morocco in the Atlas Mountains. With a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale, the disaster has so far caused more than 2,900 victims and the number of injured currently stands at more than 5,300. Personalities present at the time of the events testified to the violence of the earthquake, such as Stéphanie Clerbois who already saw herself under the rubble or Camille Lellouche who evoked a “nightmare night”.

Jamel Debbouze and Arthur organize the celebrity meeting to try to raise funds and help the victims. A star testified to the solidarity shown by the Moroccans on site, but also personally to the damage suffered by his villa, proof of the intensity of the earthquake. The singer Gims has in fact lived in Marrakech for years and has published in Story Instagram impressive images of his house.

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Gims: his house affected by the earthquake in Morocco

In his video published on the social network, Gims shows a huge crack on his walls: “It’s crazy, it’s really deep”, we can hear him say. Without dwelling on the state of his property, the singer of Sapés as ever also shares a large number of images of the solidarity organized on site. Geolocated at Oued Ourika, a river that descends from the High Atlas, it shows a truck filled with supplies: packs of water and food. We can see the men who came to help their neighbors and then the houses destroyed by the earthquake. A text accompanies its images: “An incredible outpouring of solidarity in Marrakech for the victims, what a lesson for humanity”.

Gims also takes the opportunity to reveal images of the magnificent landscape of the atlas, or even children wearing football jerseys, smiling despite the circumstances. The artist ends with a more positive note and announces to his fans the release date of his duet with an international star. On September 15, they will be able to listen to his song with Maluma, entitled If you llamo. Enough to make his admirers smile again.

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