“Ginny & Georgia”: Season 2 of the dramedy series starts on Netflix


The second season of the humorous drama series “Ginny & Georgia” on Netflix continues the story of a mother-daughter relationship in which there is not a big age difference.

Teenagers don't have it easy: Also in the 2nd season of "Ginny & Georgia" daughter Ginny has to digest a lot.

Teenagers don’t have it easy: Even in the second season of “Ginny & Georgia” daughter Ginny has to digest a lot. (Source: © Netflix)

  • Season 2 of “Ginny & Georgia” starts on January 5, 2023 on Netflix.
  • The focus of the series plot is again the relationship between mother Georgia and her daughter Ginny – but romantic side strands also develop the story further.
  • All 10 episodes of the new season go online in one fell swoop on Netflix.

The wait is over: “Ginny & Georgia” are returning to the Netflix streaming service with the second season of their mother-daughter dramedy. After all, it has taken two years, but now 10 new episodes of the humorously told dramatic family history are available for retrieval.

After a long wait, fans of the turbulent team consisting of the chaotic mother Georgia and her relatively precocious daughter Ginny learn how things will continue after the dramatic finale of the first season. Of course, Ginny’s little brother Austin is also part of the party.

What can already be revealed is that exciting details from Georgia’s past are coming to light – and as far as the romantic implications are concerned, the second season of “Ginny & Georgia” is now shifting up a gear on Netflix.

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