the new Air Wand styling device from Babyliss is ideal for boosting their volume (and much more!)

The Babyliss brand is launching a brand new multifunction styling device which is extremely practical for easily boosting the volume of fine hair, saving time when styling your hair, and even straightening your wet hair! We present it to you.

While the new Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer has just been released, the brand Babyliss it also offers a whole new styling device super practical too, but at a much more affordable price. It’s about Air Wanda device multifunction which combines the drying efficiency of a hair dryer (with 4 temperature choices and 3 speeds, and ultra-fast air flow), with the styling performance of a straightener and a style in order to boost the volume of fine hair lacking thickness.

As the hairdressers who presented it to us affirm, it is a styling device that is not only very practical for easily varying hairstyles, but also a great ally in everyday life, because it saves time by Significantly reducing time spent styling hair. In fact, the new Air Wand from Babyliss can be used on both wet and dry hair, because it dries and styles the hair in one gesture. With it, there is no need to dry your hair before straightening, blow-drying is faster and easier! But what especially caught our eye, in addition to its very functional everyday aspect, is that the device offers a styling tip like never seen before on this type of hairdressing appliance, which makes all the difference when styling your hair when you have fine hair. We reveal to you all the secrets of this new multi-use hairdressing device which is already available.

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Air Wand Babylisse: this brilliant accessory for boosting the volume of fine hair will change your life

If the Babyliss Air Wand offers very rapid drying of wet hair thanks to a rapid and powerful air flow, the device also comes with a very practical curved oval brush tip. The latter clips onto the Air Wand stick and is a real game-changer when it comes to styling your hair. Thanks to its particular shape, the latter helps to lift off the roots of the hair very easily to considerably boost the volume of fine hair without effort (even more than with a blowing brush which it can be reminiscent of), and you can easily fix the movement thanks to the cold air button on the device.

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Thanks to the Air Wand, it becomes easier to style your hair at the roots all over your head, without having to contort yourself or use dexterity. The tip can be easily used on short bobs as well as long hair, and allows you to achieve voluminous blow-drying in record time. It also helps to give a nice curvature to the ends, to give bounce to the locks without difficulty. Finally, simply rotate the device using the tip to create subtle waves, which will be perfect for giving movement and volume to the lengths. Also note, it allows you to style bangs or a lock of hair in a few gestures, in particular to sweep your locks towards the outside of the face, which also creates an impression of thickness in the hair.

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Air Wand Babyliss: a device that straightens wet hair

Another and not least advantage of the Babyliss Air Wand is that it can be used directly on well-dried hair to straighten the strands thanks to its smoothing tip equipped with a new type of ceramic plates, which uses hot air to straighten without causing the damage usually observed by the use of plates.

The latter is suitable for all hair types, including very curly hair, and smoothes strands from the roots while you dry your hair.

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Air Wand Babyliss: a styling device suitable for damaged and fragile hair

Another feature of the device is very interesting if you need to reduce the use of heating devices on your fragile hair: its Ultra Care mode. The latter alternates a flow of hot air and another of cold air, in order to reduce the temperature of drying and use as much as possible for efficiency, while protecting your hair from the harmful effects of heat.

In addition, the device features advanced ionic technology, which combines positive and negative ions to prevent frizz from forming during drying or styling, and to smooth out those that are already there. An interesting criterion for avoiding flyaways and having an impeccable hairstyle without spending hours styling your hair.

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Air Wand from Babyliss: the other advantages of this new hair styling device from Babyliss

  • a reasonable price for a multifunction device: 129.90 euros
  • easy maintenance thanks to an easy-to-remove magnetic filter
  • a 2.5 meter long cord for a good range of movement

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