Ginny & Georgia Season 2: This ‘Locke & Key’ star joins the cast of the Netflix series


The popular dramedy “Ginny & Georgia” continues on Netflix. A “Locke & Key” star is joining the cast and will play Georgia’s ex-husband.

Ginny & Georgia

Ginny & Georgia (Credit: NETFLIX)

  • The dramedy series à la “Gilmore Girls” returns in spring 2022. Ginny & Georgia Season 2 has been officially confirmed!
  • Georgia’s past will be explored further in Season 2 of “Ginny & Georgia” and Ginny’s father may also play a bigger role.
  • Locke & Key star Aaron Ashmore will play Georgia’s ex-husband.

The humorous and touching story of the mother-daughter duo, who don’t always see eye to eye, continues in Season 2. “Ginny & Georgia” has taken Netflix viewers by storm, and the sequel will see Ginny’s father play a bigger role. Here’s what we know so far about the sequel.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2: Start Date

An official start date for “Ginny & Georgia” Season 2 has not yet been announced. However, now that the new episodes have been confirmed, it will only be a matter of time before filming begins, so you can expect the new episodes to start in Spring 2022!

Anyone who can’t do without one (or more) other series before the start of season 2 will certainly find what they are looking for in our alternatives to “Ginny & Georgia”.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no trailer. However, the stars of the Netflix series have recorded a ‘Ginny & Georgia’ season 2 announcement video, in which they confirm the renewal of the series and express their joy.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2: Storyline

It can be assumed that in the coming season more about Georgia’s past will be betrayed. Above all, Ginny’s dad will play a bigger role. To what extent relationship between mother and daughter can only be guessed at, but it can be assumed that family cohesion will continue to be the top priority.

Gil Timmins, Austin’s father, is introduced as Georgia’s second ex-boyfriend. Ginny’s father, Zion Miller, appeared in Season 1. There’s a lot of potential for more drama between the men and Georgia here, and the series certainly won’t let it go.


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Ginny & Georgia Season 2: Cast

The cast of the dramedy series is unlikely to change much in season two. So the main focus will continue to be on the Georgia Miller actress Brianne Howeyas well as on the Ginny Miller actress Antonia Gentry lie. Diesel La Torraca as Austin Miller and Scott Porter as Mayor Paul Randolph are also likely to remain in front of the camera.

Aaron Ashmore (“Locke & Key”) will play Gil Timmins, Georgia’s ex and Austin’s father. When Georgia met Gil, she was drawn to his intoxicating charm and good looks. Gil had disappeared from Georgia’s life after being charged with embezzlement and going to jail.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2: Production

On April 19, 2021, it was announced that Ginny & Georgia Season 2 was officially confirmed by Netflix. Filming is scheduled to last from November 2021 to April 2022. Series creator Sarah Lampert continues to take the helm of Netflix production.

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