Giovanni Zarrella: Rare Selfie with Shaham Joyce

Giovanni Zarrella
Rare selfie with Shaham Joyce

Giovanni Zarrella is now not only a singer, but also a successful presenter.

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Giovanni Zarrella surprises with a very special snapshot. The singer shows up with his ex-Bro’Sis colleague Shaham Joyce.

Before Giovanni Zarrella (43) took off as a solo artist and presenter, he was part of the successful “pop stars” band Bro’Sis. The casting band also owes his current career to his colleague Ross Antony (47). The Bro’Sis favorite was Shaham Joyce (43), who withdrew from the public after leaving the band.

Now fans can look forward to a rare reunion. Zarrella posted a selfie with his former colleague on Instagram. Arm in arm, they beam into the camera. “The darling of Bro’Sis and I,” comments the Italian musician on the selfie with a smiley smiley laughing with tears. “Much changes, but also some not. That is wonderful. Only love for your wonderful family and you Shai,” continues Zarrella.

Together with his wife Marisa, Joyce now runs a company in Hamburg that sells coffee and accessories. Bro’Sis also included Hila Bronstein, Faiz Mangat and Indira Weis. The songs “I Believe” and “Do You” were among their greatest hits. In 2006 the end of the band was finally sealed.


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