Gitta Saxx: In the pandemic she was “victim of the lockdown”

Gitta Saxx
In the pandemic she became a “victim of lockdown”

For Gitta Saxx, the “Celebrity Big Brother” adventure is over again.

© SAT.1 / Marc Rehbeck

For Gitta Saxx, the excursion into space by “PBB” is over. In the interview, she explains, among other things, whose nomination she disappointed.

Less than 24 hours after leaving “Celebrity Big Brother” (Sat.1) on Friday evening (August 20), Gitta Saxx (56, “Staying Young for Beginners”) has returned to earth from the TV universe. In the show, the “Playmate of the Century” of the men’s magazine “Playboy” declared that, in her opinion, she was not brave enough. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the 56-year-old tells what exactly Saxx meant by that, which fellow candidate she was bitterly disappointed with in retrospect and whether financial worries motivated her participation in the show.

When you moved out, you stated that you were not brave enough on the show. How did you mean that?

Gitta Saxx: My statement was based purely on the question within our group of four whether you would nominate yourself. Daniela [Büchner] was very straight forward and put himself on the nomination list. I was a bit in conflict with myself. Later I thought: “Man, I could have done that myself too.” Other than that, I thought I was very brave on the show. I mean, I scrambled around on scaffolding at a height of 17 meters.

Were you surprised by the nomination?

Saxx: I was particularly surprised by who nominated me. I was disappointed with Jörg [Draeger]because we got along really well. Together with him, Paco [Steinbeck] and daddies [Loveday] I was in the Big Planet area for four days and totally integrated into their men’s group. We laughed, played and had great conversations. I think I never gave him a reason to nominate me – especially on the grounds that I was intolerant. That really hurt me. I have to accept it, but it also makes me a little sad.

In addition to you, Payton Ramolla was also voted out of “Celebrity Big Brother”. Did it help you not to leave the show alone?

Saxx: Basically everyone fights for themselves. Everyone comes alone and everyone goes alone. It was funny, however, that Payton and I had already moved in together and completed a challenge together. Now we have left the “universe” together again. That was nice.

In the Friday evening broadcast, a lot revolved around bullying among children and adolescents. Have you also experienced bullying?

Saxx: Well, I grew up without a father and my mother was initially employed by the church. When I was born, she was fired and I already felt that I was an illegitimate child. However, it also makes you strong.

In another episode you stated that you would use the prize money to pay off debts after a possible victory. Do you have major financial problems?

Saxx: No. In 2016 I went into personal bankruptcy under personal responsibility and everything was cleared up at that time. So I am debt free and the situation is not like it was then. I’ve cleaned up my life and got back on my feet. I also got off to a good start with my company, but as an artist I fell victim to the lockdown, which I’m not ashamed of. The pandemic has set me back again, but I am nonetheless optimistic about the future.

Against this background, is another “Playboy” shoot conceivable?

Saxx: No, my career in “Playboy” was crowned four years ago on the occasion of my 30th anniversary with a new shoot. So it’s good for now, because there are other things …

… like “Celebrity Big Brother”. Which of your remaining fellow candidates do you grant victory and whom do you predict the final triumph?

Saxx: I treat daddies the most because we moved in together and won the first challenge together. We supported each other as a team and laughed a lot. His wit and charm and his bright colors enrich the show and I’ll call for him and keep my fingers crossed for him – especially since he supports a great charity project in Senegal. I don’t know whether he’ll make it in the end.