God of War Ragnarök: All Nine Realms Should Be Accessible – God of War Ragnarök

The continuation of the adventures of Kratos and Atreus, narrated in God of War Ragnarok, arrives at the beginning of November 2022. The title, eagerly awaited by players, will be available on PS4 and PS5. While there are still several weeks before the official release of God of War Ragnarök, the software continues to be at the forefront of the video game scene.

Recently, we had the right to more information about the story of this second opus. Indeed, a few days ago, the page of the game God of War Ragnarök was updated on the PlayStation Store and it now has a new description as to the scenario of this sequel:

Fimbulvetr is already well advanced. As the forces of Asgard prepare for the prophesied clash that will destroy the world, Kratos and Atreus must explore the nine realms in search of answers. During their journey, they will discover fascinating mythical landscapes and fight terrifying enemies, monsters and Norse gods. Ragnarök is becoming more and more threatening. Kratos and Atreus will have to choose between their safety and that of the kingdoms.

Thus, according to this new information, players will indeed have the opportunity to explore the nine realms, via God of War Ragnarok. Moreover, this is what the cloth map, available in the collector’s edition, called “Jötnar”, of the game suggested. As a reminder, in the first opus, released in 2018, some of these kingdoms were not , unfortunately not accessible.

As a reminder, God of War Ragnarök will be released on November 9 on PS4 and PS5. If you want to know more, know that we have concocted a summary article about this second opus.

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