Golden Raspberry 2023: Tom Hanks, Jared Leto and “Blonde” awards

Golden Raspberry 2023
Tom Hanks, Jared Leto and “Blonde” honored

Tom Hanks will receive two Golden Raspberries in 2023.

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Tom Hanks and Jared Leto will receive Golden Raspberries in 2023. The organizers also gave themselves a prize.

Again this year, on the day before the Oscars, particularly bad performances in front of and behind the camera will be “appreciated” with a wink. Two Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies for short) go to Tom Hanks (66) this time, fellow actor Jared Leto (51) and the Monroe film “Blonde” were also honored awarded the disgraceful prize.

Hanks received the two Anti-Oscars for his portrayal of Elvis manager Colonel Tom Parker in “Elvis” in the categories “Worst Supporting Actor” and “Worst Duo”, the latter along with his latex face mask and what the judges called his “ridiculous accent”. The actor is indirectly mentioned again, since Disney’s live-action adaptation of the classic fairy tale “Pinocchio” was voted “Worst Remake” and Hanks played the woodcarver Geppetto in it.

Jared Leto takes a smack in the Worst Actor category for Morbius. Adria Arjona (30) was “honored” as “Worst Supporting Actress” in “Morbius”. The controversial Marilyn Monroe biopic “Blonde” with Ana de Armas (34) goes home with awards for “Worst Picture” and “Worst Screenplay”. Other “winners” include Machine Gun Kelly (32) and Mod Sun (36) as worst directors for “Good Mourning”. The “Raspberry Redeemer Award” (Razzie Redeemer Award), which is given to actors or directors who have become real prize hopes after receiving Golden Raspberries, this time went to Colin Farrell (46). He was nominated for “Worst Actor” (for “Alexander”) in 2004 and is now an Oscar nominee (for “The Banshees of Inisherin”).

Jury distinguishes itself after criticism

For the first time, the Razzies jury also distinguished itself in the “Worst Actress” category. There, only twelve-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong was initially nominated for her role in the Stephen King film “Firestarter”. Numerous angry people then criticized social networks for exposing a child with this form of malice. This not only reflects maliciousness and bad taste, but also promotes bullying against the newcomer in the worst case, according to the allegations. Razzies founder John Wilson apologized and confirmed that Armstrong’s name is no longer an option. As a reaction to the justified criticism, there will now be a minimum age of 18 years.

The Golden Raspberries were awarded for the 43rd time before the Oscars. The German audience will find out who can look forward to one of the coveted golden boys on the night from Sunday (March 12) to Monday.


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