Good deal – Anker SoundCore 2 portable speakers at €36.79 (-20%)

After a first remarkable entry into our audio lab, Anker returns this time with its SoundCore 2, a small nomadic speaker that relies on its increased water resistance and its good 24-hour autonomy. Will this be enough to stand out from its many competitors?

The SoundCore 2 is a small nomadic speaker with honest performance that surprises with its great autonomy. Even if it does the job well, it will not reverse its sound quality, especially since it must be spared or risk suffering the effects of distortion.

Strong points

  • Made relatively homogeneous.
  • Speech intelligibility.
  • Simple and honest manufacturing.
  • Very good autonomy.
  • Easy to use.

Weak points

  • Distortion which arrives very quickly and which limits the full exploitation of the power of the loudspeaker.
  • Only one cable supplied.
  • No return to previous track.
  • Summary battery indicator.


It is not this time that Xiaomi will break into the portable speaker market. The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker may promise mountains and wonders at an aggressive price, but in reality it has nothing very exciting to offer. In view of its barely decent sound performance, its limited power reserve and its disappointing autonomy, it is not even absurd to prefer an ultraportable speaker sold at a similar price, such as the Clip 4 or the Go 3. In the field of “portables”, we can only recommend the SRS-XB23 or, if your budget allows it, the excellent SRS-XB33

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