Google fixed the Pixel 7 fingerprint sensor problem

The Pixel 6 had a lot to please when it launched in 2021, in particular a more than interesting price-performance ratio. However, a few software disappointments had tarnished the otherwise very good experience. Google had somehow tried to control the situation through updates. And among these complications was that related to the slowness and inaccuracy of the fingerprint sensor.

Considered too inefficient, it did not allow you to take advantage of the fluid and fast unlocking that the smartphone could have claimed. It is therefore logical that the question arises again this year, given the similarities between the Pixel 6 and 7. So what about the sensor of the youngest?

A sensor at the height of the experience

Good news for anyone interested in Google’s new smartphone: the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro fingerprint sensor seems to work without a hitch. In any case, this is what emerges from the conclusions ofAndroid Authoritywhich claims that Google has caught up in this area.

After trying to unlock both smartphones simultaneously, the Pixel 7 Pro consistently obeyed the command before the Pixel 6. The difference was visible to the naked eye and the experiment was repeated so that there was no doubt.

Note that in the comparison ofAndroid Authority, the Pixel 6 was second only to the Pixel 7 Pro in speed. This demonstrates Google’s efforts to raise the level of its sensor, ultimately not very far from its successor and quite capable.

Google refines its range

During the tests, the two smartphones did not register any fingerprint errors, which attests to the current quality and accuracy of the two sensors, but also to the impact of the updates provided by Google throughout the last year.

In addition, Google has integrated a face unlock option on its smartphones this year. This is not as secure as on the Pixel 4, in particular, and will not work for payments. That said, we can only welcome Google’s initiative.

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