Google-free Android cell phone: New smartphone shows that this is a pipe dream

A job interview in a city you hardly know? No problem, there is Google Maps. Quickly share a few documents with work colleagues? No problem, there is Google Drive. Just checking the name of the restaurant that opened next door? No problem, there is Google Chrome.

For many Android users, Google services are an integral part of everyday life. Not only because they are practical, but also because they come pre-installed on most Android smartphones. But there is another way. Years ago, the Murena company decided to create an easy-to-use but Google-free variant of Android.

Those responsible have succeeded. And there’s more: soon the so-called “Murena One” will appear, a smartphone equipped with the Google-free software /e/OS 1.0. According to reports, the device should be available in Europe as early as mid-June, but also in Great Britain, Switzerland or the USA and Canada.

The cell phone, which has a Mediatek Helio P60 processor and a 6.53-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 2,242 x 1,080 pixels, costs 349 euros. The main memory is 4 gigabytes, the built-in flash memory is 128 gigabytes. The cell phone has a triple camera installed, the main camera has 48 megapixels, the front camera 25 megapixels. Google applications: none.

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