Google is merging its Android and hardware teams to focus on AI

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world of technology, and Google is no exception. The American group announced a very significant internal reorganization to focus even more on AI, combining its Android and hardware teams to create a new team.

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Google announced a very important internal reorganization, with the creation ofa new team called “Platforms and Devices” who will oversee all Pixel products, Android, Chrome, ChromeOS, Photos, and more.

This decision was made in order to strengthen Google’s commitment to artificial intelligence, and to facilitate the integration of AI into all of the company’s products. But what does this really mean for consumers and the tech industry as a whole?

Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of devices and services, formerly of Motorola, gave an exclusive interview to The Verge.

Rick Osterloh // Source: Frandroid

He says the new Platforms and Devices team will enable the company to innovate when necessary. In other words, integrating AI into Google’s products requires close collaboration between hardware and software teamsand the new team should facilitate this collaboration.

This more integrated approach to AI could have benefits for consumers. For example, Google’s Pixel camera is already known for its excellent image quality, thanks to the use of AI to improve shooting and image processing.

With the new team, Google may be able to integrate AI even deeper into the Pixel camera, providing even more advanced features for users.

A broader trend in the tech industry

Google’s decision to focus on AI in its products is not surprising, since artificial intelligence has been a major trend in the technology industry for several months. Tech companies are looking to integrate AI into every aspect of our lives, from self-driving cars to voice assistants to healthcare.

And you what do you think ? Are you excited to see Google focus more on AI in its products?

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For information, this announcement comes a few weeks before Google I/O 2024, where Android 15 will be discussed, but also all the subjects that revolve around Gemini.

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