Gotham Knights: Batman’s Succession Goes On The Offensive In Action-RPG Launch Trailer

It is during the summer of 2020 that Warner Bros. Games Montreal formalized Gotham Knightsa game featuring the heirs of Batman after his death and which was then to look equally good on what is the current generation of consoles as well as the old, in addition to computers. All of this has evolved a bit since then, since it is only expected on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. The publisher is also very confident, since in addition to having advanced its release date by a few days, it now unveils its launch trailer, a good two weeks in advance.

The latter precisely emphasizes the death of Bruce Wayne in the first place, who had obviously thought of recording a message intended for Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin to entrust them with the protection of Gotham. The four playable characters then show off their skills that make them unique in combat and also show us one of the technological toys they will have, namely what appears to be the batwing. On the scenario side, the threat posed by the Court of Owls is palpablein addition to other classic villains such as Mr. Freeze, harley quinn and Clayface. Furthermore, this Action RPG in the open world will be playable in online co-op with a friend if you feel like it.

Warner Bros. Games also reminds thata comic book in 6 issues serving as a prequel to play will be available from October 28, each containing a code to unlock content in-game.

Gotham Knights will therefore be playable from October 21 and you can obviously pre-order it on Amazonfrom €51.99.

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