Grand Theft Auto VI: a famous voice actor denies participating in Rockstar’s game

Last December, Rockstar released the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, which obviously exploded the counters and caused a lot of ink to flow. Although it only lasts 1:30, the video is full of references to popular culture, Internet users analyzed the slightest shot… and the slightest sound.

GTA 6 will feature two characters, Jason (the name remains to be confirmed) and LuciaBonnie and Clyde Vice City. According to many fans, Jason would be dubbed by Troy Bakerknown for embodying Joel In The Last of Us, Higgs In Death Stranding or Sam Drake In Uncharted. The Movie Dweeb spoke with the comedian in a recent video Youtubethe latter responded to the rumor:

He says a word! He says “trust”. There is a lesson in perception. People think something and they automatically assume. I want this guy, whoever he is, to get credit for his work, because I’m sure it’s going to be great.

Troy Baker goes on to take this rumor as a compliment to his entire career as a voice actor.but he recalls that Todd Howard (The Elder Scrolls, fallout, Starfield) did not want him in his games because “Troy Baker is in all the games” (he will however double Indiana Jones in the next game of MachineGames) and that having too many roles can actually close doors for him.

Anyway, it is now clear, Troy Baker will not play the character of Jason in Grand Theft Auto VIbut Rockstar has not yet revealed the identity of the main actors, even if Lucia looks a lot like Manni L. Perez. GTA 6 is officially expected in 2025 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, the wait will be long. You can also find Troy Baker in The Last of Us Part I from €54.99 on Amazon, Cdiscount, there Fnac And Gamesplanet.

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