Grazers delayed – Eindhoven fans set off mega fireworks in the storm hit

Wild scenes before and during the Europa League hit between Eindhoven and Sturm Graz! Some PSV fans set off a mega fireworks display in front of the stadium on Thursday, which even the players on the field and the TV viewers saw.

It all started when the PSV Eindhoven team bus drove to the stadium. Almost a hundred fans accompanied their team with Bengals and firecrackers. Yes, even the storm bus therefore arrived late. “It took us five times as long for the route as we thought,” said coach Christian Ilzer in an interview with ORF. Here are the scenes before the game in the video: When the game kicked off, there was a huge fireworks display that adorned the night sky , PSV fans also drove their eleven with battle cries. Like Austria, the Netherlands is also in a lockdown, which is why no spectators were allowed in the stadium.
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