Gregor Gysi: This is how he achieved his desired weight – and maintained it

Gregor Gysi
So he has reached his desired weight – and kept it

Gregor Gysi has changed his diet.

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Even during the first lockdown, Gregor Gysi changed his eating habits – with great success, as he now says.

Despite the Corona crisis and the Christmas season, Gregor Gysi (72) has lost a lot of weight: A total of 14 kilos are down, as the politician reveals in an interview with the "Super Illu" in advance. "During the first lockdown in April, I started to eat differently, only had breakfast and skipped lunch. And in the evening there were as few carbohydrates as possible." So he went from 78 kilos to 64/65 kilos and managed to keep his weight successfully.

Gysi also does sports regularly. While he enjoys hiking and swimming outside of lockdown, his exercise sessions are currently limited to an exercise bike in the apartment, which he regularly uses. He has now reached his desired weight, according to the politician, who will be 73 years old on January 16.