“Grey’s Anatomy” no longer on Amazon Prime Video: Seasons 1 to 16 are now exclusively on Disney +


You can now only watch “Grey’s Anatomy” in its entirety on Disney + in binge mode. The hospital series and these other formats can now be streamed exclusively there.

For fans of "Grey's Anatomy"especially the old episodes, there is actually no way around Disney +.

For fans of “Grey’s Anatomy”, especially the old episodes, there is actually no way around Disney +. (Source: ABC/

  • Grey’s Anatomy is no longer part of the Amazon Prime Video subscription.
  • The first 16 episodes of the series are now only streamable on Disney+.
  • Season 17 and the current 18th season are also available on Joyn Plus.

If you like to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” from the first to the current 18th season, since the beginning of May you have only had the opportunity to do so with the Disney + streaming service. Disney+ reported this at the turn of the month – Amazon Prime Video had previously offered the first 16 seasons of the hospital series.

The streaming service is also the one-stop shop for all episodes of the Seattle Firefighters spinoff series on-demand, while like the original Grey’s Anatomy series, a new episode is released weekly.

“Grey’s Anatomy”: Current episodes also on Joyn and ProSieben

The new episodes of the 18th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” do not appear exclusively on Disney +, but also on Joyn and each run on ProSieben on free TV one week after the streaming premiere on Mondays.

With Season 17, Joyn also has a little prelude to the current episodes – but the lion’s share of the episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” that have already been broadcast can now only be seen on Disney +.

Only Disney+ streams these series in full

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