Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Risky Surgery, Momentous Revelations and Anemia in Episode 19 – Part 1 of the Finale

Can the hospital survive this?

Season 18 of “Grey’s Anatomy” ends with a double episode. Episode 19 provides particularly tough challenges for Teddy, Owen, Bailey and Meredith.

Grey's Anatomy: Teddy and Owen face legal action

Grey’s Anatomy: Teddy and Owen face legal consequences (Source: ABC)

  • Grey’s Anatomy season 18 concludes with a two-part finale.
  • Episode 19 features some serious losses.
  • Teddy and Owen in particular have to make a quick decision.

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“Grey’s Anatomy” season 18 celebrates its finale on US broadcaster ABC with a double episode. In episode 19, part 1 of the finale, Gray Sloan is struggling with a blood shortage. It’s so bad Bailey is asking the entire staff to donate blood.

Meredith has a particularly bad case. Her patient, Cora, has cancer and a tumor that is wrapping itself around her intestines. Richard is against surgery, but Meredith is cocky and wants to completely remove Cora’s intestines, remove the tumor and reinsert the organs. Since Meredith sees it as the only chance of survival, Cora agrees to the surgery.

Meanwhile, Owen is in quite a bind. A man named John wants Owen to give his very ill wife, who is in the Navy, some pills to put her out of her misery. But active euthanasia is illegal in Seattle, and Owen refuses, although he has done so in other cases in the past.

John knows about these cases and uses them to blackmail Owen. Teddy is drawn into the story and the two doctors try to persuade John to go to Washington with his wife because euthanasia is legal there. But he refuses and blacks out the two at Bailey.

Meanwhile, a husband fights for his life to witness the birth of his child. Bailey makes it clear to Teddy and Owen that after Owen admits what he did, she must report them to the police.

Meanwhile, complications arise with Meredith’s surgery. Cora loses a lot of blood. You can find out what happens next in our recap of episode 20 and the grand finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 18.

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