Groundhog Day quiz: impossible to answer these 9 questions about the cult film

Today, we invite you to play around Harold Ramis’ cult comedy. Today, we invite you to play around Harold Ramis’ cult comedy. Today we offer you…

This week, the cult comedy Groundhog Day comes out in theaters in a restored 4K version, almost thirty years after its initial release in 1993. The opportunity to rediscover the (mis)adventures of Phil Connors, stuck in a time loop.

It all begins on a winter’s day in the depths of Pennsylvania, in Punxsutawney, a small remote town where the weather presenter from a local channel must go to report on the famous groundhog day, which takes place every year on February 2. Phil, a cantankerous man with an unkind character, isn’t very keen on going to cover this event, showing a certain contempt for this party and the inhabitants of the small town.

During this trip, he nevertheless meets his producer Rita (Andie MacDowell), for whom he feels a certain attraction, a feeling far from being shared by the young woman who is quickly annoyed by Phil’s detestable personality. The day after the festivities, Phil wakes up, surprised to hear the same song on the radio, and quickly realizing that all the events he is experiencing are the same as those that happened to him the day before.

He must finally face the facts: Phil is stuck in a time loop, prisoner in this day of February 2. An ubiquitous situation quickly becoming infernal for the hero, but ideal as a starting point for the scenario of what will become one of the references in US comedies of the 90s.

Phil ended up knowing absolutely perfectly all the situations that awaited him in this endless day. And you, do you really know this timeless comedy? This is what we are going to check with this quiz on the film and its anecdotes!

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