GTA 5 Online: Blocking, deletion or loss of rank – Exploit is intended to endanger player accounts and your PC


With GTA 5 Online your account and your PC could be in danger. An exploit is said to allow cheaters to ban, delete and more. Why maybe you shouldn’t play.

That’s why GTA 5 Online could currently be dangerous for your account. (Source: Rock Star)

  • In GTA 5 Online there is currently a particularly nasty exploit.
  • This allows cheaters to ban or delete your accounts.
  • But your PC could also be in danger.

There is said to be a new exploit for GTA 5 Online that can cause nasty problems. It should be possible for cheaters to temporarily block your profile or even delete it entirely.

As the user TezFunz2 reports on Twitter, cheaters should also be able to change your ranks, remove in-game money or give away GTA dollars.

That’s why you shouldn’t be playing right now

While Rockstar hasn’t taken any action against the exploit, you should at least play with your firewall active, but Twitter users like Speyedr_AU, who briefly offered a protection option, warn against playing a game with such a bug.

He not only fears the possible loss of your GTA Online account, but also the deletion of your files on your PC.

So while you wait for a patch from Rockstar, you can catch up on the latest leaks and rumors about GTA 6. A Ryan Gosling film is said to be the template for GTA 6 and a leaker wants new details on the announcement trailer.

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