Guido Maria Kretschmer: 5 common ‘problem areas’ and Guido’s advice

Guido Maria Kretschmer reveals
Every woman should know these styling tips

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Designer Guido Maria Kretschmer knows what women want. In the interview, he explains how we find our style and reveals the best styling tips for every figure.

Mr. Kretschmer, how do I find the style that suits me and makes me look good?

Guido Maria Kretschmer: Firstly, and most importantly, take stock: who am I? Where are my strengths, where are my weaknesses, which part of my body should I showcase? Second, always buy the right size. If in doubt, it is better to use one size larger, as parts that are too small should be applied. Third, not every substance is suitable for everyone. A woman who is a bit coarser needs clothing that looks delicate on her and does not create additional unrest. Fourth, are you a pale delicate one? Then your style should also be correspondingly delicate. Are you more of the dark type? With bold colors, you can cheat by visual side places and look slim. Do you have a lot or very long hair? Then take it easy on the top, otherwise you will quickly look fat even though you are not at all. Avoid patterns or ruffles and show cleavage instead. Fifth, never underestimate the benefits of a well-fitting bra. Why is it so important? He makes you feel feminine and good at any age. You need a bra that is supportive and not noticeable. And one that raises the alarm, for example under transparent blouses. The cup is always decisive. Even the smallest breasts can look intrusive if you wrap them up incorrectly.

Is there a piece of clothing that always works? Some kind of all-purpose weapon?

A shift dress in a muted color that leaves room for people. You can always combine it differently: with turtleneck and leggings, tights and slim blazer, jacket or belt.

Denim is always right, isn’t it? What do I have to consider when buying jeans?

Tall, slim, sporty women can wear the boyfriend look. Small, slim trousers look better on the delicate and delicate. And if you are not a girl with long fingernails and a pronounced affinity for rhinestones, I would always recommend dark, subtle washes that flatter the figure at the same time.

Problem area? Guido Maria Kretschmer knows what to do

Big bust
Women with large breasts often have a narrow waist and slim legs: the “all up” girls. You should always show your chocolate sides, i.e. cleavage and waist. The alpha and omega of proportion theory is: form and calm. So with large breasts, don’t have frills at the neckline.

Little belly

Wear lower-cut pants that end under the stomach and straight, loosely falling tops or light knits over them. Pants with a high waist only reinforce the lower abdomen.

Strong thighs, big bottom
Many women are very delicate at the top but wider at the bottom. They need straight-cut pants, not too high and not too low. With patch pockets for a nice bottom, a small crease and long legs that can be lengthened by a pointed shoe or platform heel. Round shoes or 7/8 lengths make fat legs even thicker and shorter.

Much waist, little waist
The rule is: if you have a waist, show it off! Quiet with longer parts that hide the hips, but always create the middle. If you have a straight figure: Shift the waist up under the bosom, for example with dresses with an empire cut. Because every woman is slim right under her bosom.

No curves at all
Every character has challenges and strengths. Not having a bum is sometimes as difficult as having a bigger bum. Or no bust. Bras and shapewear with a push-up effect can help here.