Guido Maria Kretschmer reveals: these accessories are worth 10 points

Do you know that too, you need a mega outfit for an event and suddenly THE idea comes to you? In no time the head starts to rattle: do I have all the parts in the closet? Do I have to get anything else? Can I really combine all of this? What accessories do I wear and do my shoes actually match my belt? This continues until the outfit plan is in place and you have the perfect overall picture in mind. The closer the event gets, the greater the anticipation of being able to wear the outfit. And then the day has finally come, you slip into your outfit, look with absolute certainty that this outfit will just look great on you in the mirror and suddenly the blow hits you: the outfit is no good. Something is just missing. But what? Guido Maria Kretschmer has told us which accessories you use to style a nice but somewhat unspectacular outfit, so stylish that it is worth a sensational 10 points.

Put on waist!

Some outfits just need a little more waist! Wide-swinging dresses are super comfortable, airy and fresh, especially in summer, but in order not to lose the figure completely and to prevent us from looking like a sack, it is always worth putting on a waist belt. The emphasizes the middle of the body super beautiful and "also holds something together properly", to put it in Guido Maria Kretschmer's words. Of course, the dress does not lose its great swing, instead the belt gives the dress that special something and can be used as an eye-catcher. Whether you choose a special leather strap or an eye-catcher belt buckle is of course entirely up to you.

All the Shades

Very important with all the outfit madness? Don't lose sight – in the truest sense of the word. Because even cool glasses or sunglasses can take your outfit to a new level, according to Guido Maria Kretschmer. How fitting! Guido has just launched its own glasses collection with Edel-Optics.

If you need proper glasses, it is even essential that they look good. With glasses – just like in fashion – it is important to know who I am. Who do I want to be? And who could I be every day in the long term? If I have to wear glasses, it must quickly become clear that they will do me justice.

Anyone who wears glasses as a pure accessory can fully live out their style. After all, glasses with window glass are also much cheaper, so you can buy several models that can be tailored to different outfits. Whether nerd or cat eye glasses, each individual shape can give your outfit a completely different touch in no time. But sunglasses also provide extra plus points for Guido Maria Kretschmer:

Sunglasses are cool and protective at the same time. Sunglasses combine fashion with a neccessary moment.

The designer particularly likes large sunglasses that cover really well. After all, it is extremely important that we protect our eyesight from harmful UV rays as much as possible. That is why he currently loves absolutely large pilot glasses with a delicate frame and tinted lenses:

Especially with round, somewhat fuller faces, aviator glasses create a casual moment. With the very small thin ones, they instead provide a little more profile. It is a pair of glasses that works extremely well with many face shapes.

Depending on the shape and color, sunglasses can also give your outfit that certain something. A cool pair of aviator glasses perfectly rounds off a strong monochrome look with an edgy leather jacket, while round shades à la John Lennon with the wide-swinging maxi dress and fedora hat give the boho look a finishing touch.

Make a statement with earrings

A long flowing mane of hair often ensures THE wow look par excellence. Earrings are usually lost among the amounts of hair anyway. But if you choose a sleek ponytail or have short hair, for example, according to Guido Maria Kretschmer, you can get something out of your outfit if you choose the right jewelry:

"I'm incredibly keen on earrings. They can make the alarm so nice!"

Guido reveals that, especially for short-haired people, large statement earrings would ensure a fresh look. They really come into their own with a blunt bob or pixie cut and set exciting accents.

So girls, the next time you mutate into a shopping queen and want to conjure up a perfect 10-point outfit, don't forget the belt, the glasses or the earrings. They do something for you, I promise!