Guitarist unpacks! This is what Helene Fischer is like off stage

Helene Fischer
Guitarist unpacks! This is what the pop queen is like off stage

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Helene Fischer is a perfectionist, ambitious to the core, an artist through and through. But there is a completely different side. She rarely shows them to the public. Yasi Hofer, guitarist at Helene Fischer’s shows, now reveals what the pop queen is like off the big stage – and reveals how surprised she was herself.

They stand on stage together for two hours, rock the big halls, and at the end of the show they party wildly together to “Blitz” – guitarist Yasi Hofer becomes a superstar Helene Fischer, 39, closer than many others. The two spend a lot of time together when they are on tour with their crew. And so the musician Helene knows both sides. She knows the professional artist who always gives her all for her fans, but she also knows the person behind it, Helene.

Helene Fischer’s private life is completely different

In an interview with “Landesschau Rheinland-Pfalz”, the 31-year-old guitarist now gives a rare insight behind the scenes and reveals that Helene Fischer even surprised her. Although the artist is highly professional, she has not forgotten that she cannot manage her shows alone. “I have to say to Helene, I was also pleasantly surprised, she’s just super human. She’s not a typical artist, I’m above you and I have nothing to do with you,” Yasi reported on her everyday tour with the pop singer.

“It’s like family”

On tour, they are all a huge family, explains the musician. And Helene is simply part of the team, not the leader. Because everyone knows: We can only do this together, we depend on each other. The “Atemlos” interpreter doesn’t isolate herself from the rest of the team – quite the opposite!” She’s often on the road with us, we spend a lot of time together, she’s basically a part of us, and that’s why it’s family.” says Yasi with a smile on her face.

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