H.P. Baxxter: He was infected with the corona virus in the summer

It happened on vacation: Scooter front man H.P. Baxxter caught the coronavirus in early summer and suffered from mild symptoms.

Scooter released their new single "FCK 2020" this Friday (October 23rd). The techno band had to postpone their sold out open-air tour this year due to the corona pandemic and could not play at any festivals. Front man H.P. Baxxter (56) was also directly affected by the virus: After a vacation in early summer, his corona test was positive. He then suffered from mild symptoms.

"Corona should not be taken lightly, we have to show solidarity and help contain the pandemic," explains H.P. Baxxter in a statement. But under no circumstances should a fight "old against young" break out. "I understand young people, as well as our posse, who sit at home and can't go out and get started. The disease is to be taken seriously, but fear and panic are not always the best advisors." With the right amount of personal responsibility, he hopes that the band will soon be able to see their fans live again and celebrate with them.