Hacked, the PlayStation Portal capable of running GTA 3 natively


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February 24, 2024 at 11:26 a.m.


New horizons for PlayStation Portal?  © Stéphane Ficca / Clubic

New horizons for PlayStation Portal? © Stéphane Ficca / Clubic

Called remote reader rather than portable console by Sony, the PlayStation Portal could soon function autonomously.

When the PlayStation Portal was announced, many players already imagined themselves taking their PS5 game library with them everywhere, with undoubtedly some concessions, but almost intact gaming pleasure.

What was their disappointment when Sony confirmed that its portable machine is only a streaming console designed to play games launched on the PlayStation 5 over Wi-Fi…

Leaving the living room…

Although the machine can provide certain services by, for example, not monopolizing the television in the living room, this use does not at all correspond to the nomadic use dreamed of by many amateurs.

However, the PlayStation Portal has qualities, starting with its 8-inch screen, larger than that of the Steam Deck and other ROG Allys. The machine integrates a Qualcomm SG4150P chip, which certainly cannot compare to AMD’s APUs, but still has a good reserve of power… although Sony has not been very talkative on this subject.

Some smart people therefore said to themselves that the power of the PlayStation Portal would not be a problem, and that on the contrary, it had to be freed from the constraints imposed by Sony.

Only 6 GB of storage space

The project is still in its early stages, but supported by VideoCardzAndy Nguyen’s work should put stars in the eyes of many PlayStation Portal owners.

The innards of PlayStation Portal © iFixit

The innards of PlayStation Portal © iFixit

Helped by two friends, Andy Nguyen managed to hack the console and install the PPSSPP emulator. Better still, the emulator would have enough power to run PSP games. In image, Andy Nguyen opted for Grand Theft Auto 3but gives little more information on the quality of the emulation and the fluidity of the animation.

In the absence of any video demonstration, we will be careful not to authenticate anything. You shouldn’t imagine being able to play emulation for a while yet.

Andy Nguyen actually states: “ No releases are planned in the near future, and there is still a lot of work to be done. » In addition, we must not forget the technical constraints imposed by Sony: the PlayStation Portal only has 6 GB of storage, with no possibility of expansion. It won’t be tomorrow that it will compete with the Steam Deck.

Source : VideoCardz

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