Half and half in the traffic light cabinet ?: Baerbock wants more women ministers

Half and half in the traffic light cabinet?
Baerbock wants more women ministers

Although nothing has leaked out yet – there will probably be heated discussions about personnel issues during the coalition negotiations between the Ampel partners. Green leader Baerbock is campaigning for at least half of the posts in the federal cabinet to be given to women in the future.

Annalena Baerbock, party leader of the Greens, advocates gender equality in the future federal cabinet of the Ampel coalition. She said in an interview with “Spiegel” that not only her party but also the alliance partners are responsible for filling the ministerial posts and other political offices equally. “There will be no equal representation of women and men in the Bundestag or in a government if only one party takes care of it,” said Baerbock.

The FDP had previously made it clear that it did not consider equal representation of the cabinet to be its task. Bearbock did not want to comment that Christian Lindner, according to his own statements, does not try to achieve equality in his own party. She does not want to interfere in the “internal affairs of the FDP”. She has also not yet commented on specific personal details regarding the occupation of the cabinet. Subsequently, however, Baerbock emphasized that a “government of progress” must “of course not be oriented towards the last century”.

Skepticism about the financing of the exploratory paper was also raised. Experts are wondering how the coalition’s modernization program could be financed if tax cuts on the one hand and the loosening of the debt brake on the other hand are ruled out. In this context, Baerbock pointed out that the traffic light alliance wanted to “use the leeway” that existed “within the framework of the existing debt brake” for investments in infrastructure measures. In addition, she will take out loans “as every successful company does”.

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