Halle Berry: The first trailer for “Bruised” shows her as an MMA fighter

Halle Berry
The first trailer for “Bruised” shows her as an MMA fighter

Halle Berry (r.) As MMA fighter Jackie Justice.


Netflix has released a first trailer for Halle Berry’s directorial debut. The clip shows Berry in the lead role as a tough MMA fighter.

Halle Berry (55) is making her directorial debut with “Bruised”. Netflix has now a first trailer about the film, which will be available from November 24, 2021. The first scenes already make it clear: The training sessions that Berry had with UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko (33) for the film were worth it. The trailer shows the actress as a tough MMA fighter who is fighting for her comeback in the ring and does not shy away from any wounds.

“Bruised”: That’s what it’s about

The film is about the disgraced MMA fighter Jackie Justice. At the low point of her career, she suddenly finds herself confronted with her now six-year-old son Manny, whom she had left for martial arts years ago. In order not to lose him again, she has to get back in the ring. Your opponent: one of the wildest boxing stars on the scene. Berry had meticulously prepared for the physically demanding role, as she showed on Instagram before and during the shoot with visits to the gym and training fights. Other roles include Adan Canto (39), Adriane Lenox (65), Sheila Atim (30) and Valentina Shevchenko. The script was written by Michelle Rosenfarb.


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