Halloween 2022: Paris Hilton, very sexy FBI agent, Shawn Mendes in Indiana Jones…

In the United States, Halloween is a tradition that few people do not celebrate. A real highlight of the end of the year, everyone plays the game to attract attention with scary, funny or sexy costumes. This October 30, Vas Morgan, star of the small screen across the Atlantic, had organized the evening of the year in the Hollywood district. Many celebrities went there, taking advantage of the photographers to reveal their best costumes and make-up.

True to form, Paris Hilton pulled off the sexy look. As a very undressed FBI agent, the wife of Carter Reum made her law and watched the bad boys who prowled. XXL neckline, garter belt, mini-skirt and thigh-high boots, the 41-year-old blonde proved that the Paris of yesteryear was still sleeping inside her. Model Winnie Harlow transformed in Egypt for the occasion and the work provided was very impressive. Hat, outfit, cat’s eyes and golden jewelry, the 28-year-old Canadian looked like the character of Nefertiti.

At his side, Shawn Mendes. Camilla Cabello’s ex-companion opted for a superhero costume. No Spiderman or Batman but it was Indiana Jones that he wanted to make up. Cowboy hat, belt, lasso, unbuttoned short-sleeved shirt leaving a clear view of his well-defined abs. To see his salient exit muscles, needless to say that the singer must not have abused the candy too much!

In the series “I come but I don’t make an effort”, we nevertheless found Jared Leto, whose only way of knowing that he was “disguised” as a policeman was by wearing a truncheon and some sort bullet vest. Paris Jackson, Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson had not bothered to bother with a costume. It’s like in everyday life that they showed up at the party. Other couples of the evening: Casey Affleck, hidden under a scary clown mask and his sweetheart Cailee Cowan and Rebel Wilson and his girlfriend Ramona Agruma, exact copies of the famous twins of shining by Stanley Kubrick. Two women much more angelic than in appearance, we reassure you!

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