Halloween Ends: who is Rohan Campbell, the interpreter of Corey in the end of the horror saga?

On the occasion of the release of “Halloween Ends”, in which Jamie Lee Curtis engages in his final confrontation with Michael Meyers, a small focus on Rohan Campbell, who plays Corey Cunningham.

This week, Canadian actor Rohan Campbell stars in Halloween Ends, the third and final installment in the horror trilogy directed by David Gordon Green. A newcomer to the franchise, he plays, alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and Andi Matichak, the character of Corey Cunningham…

Born in 1997, in Calgary, Rohan Campbell finds his first roles in the television films Mayerthorpe and La Fille du Père Noël 2: panic à Polaris, then appears in unknown films in France such as The Right Kind of Wrong (2013), The Valley Below (2014), Dark Hearts (id.) and Diablo (2015).

Very active on the small window side, the Canadian took part, in 2015, in the family TV movies La Folle histoire de la fête à la maison and En cavale pour Noël. The following year, we see him in A Miracle on Christmas Lake and in the adventure and SF series Mech-X4, where he camps the unpopular Dane until 2018.

Then, Rohan Campbell multiplies the more or less furtive appearances in various known series, such as Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Unspeakable, Les 100, iZombie, Sacred Lies and Snowpiercer, while continuing to favor family feature films such as A Fallen Christmas. sky.

His career took an important turn in 2020 when he was chosen to play the main character in the detective series The Hardy Boys, adapted from the novels by Franklin W. Dixon. This is Franck Hardy, who is interested with his little brother in a sinister case in the hometown of his parents.

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Andi Matichak and Rohan Campbell

On the strength of this success, the actor obtains more substantial roles. Witness his performance as Corey Cunningham in Halloween Ends, the latest installment in the horror franchise revisited by David Gordon Green. There he camps a young man haunted by the accidental death of a child he was watching.

Accused of having murdered him and then acquitted, the character is now harassed by the inhabitants of Haddonfield. Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) introduces him to his granddaughter Allyson, in whom he sees an alter ego since she lost her mother due to the murderous madness of Michael Meyers.

“Laurie has been looking to work on herself and move on but Corey is taken back in time. She understands she’s dealing with someone who has a terrible past and she’s touched. It’s for that makes her bond with him”says Jamie Lee Curtis.

Fun fact: Rohan Campbell rose to fame playing Frank Hardy in The Hardy Boys… And if Jamie Lee Curtis embraced an acting career, it’s thanks to one of her friends who advised her to audition for the original series, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977).

The interpreter of Laurie Strode remembers: “I didn’t land the lead role, and I only got a supporting role, but I left college for a month to try to break into the business. But once that month was up, I signed a contract with Universal Studios and left college.”

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