Hamburg: Wind pushes twin strollers with children in the ice-cold pond

Wind pushes twin strollers with children into the ice-cold pond

© Ruslan Sedoykin / Shutterstock

A horror show for parents. In a private garden in Hamburg-Nienstedten, a twin stroller started rolling and landed in a pond in freezing temperatures. The car was hit by the wind.

What a terrible misfortune: In Hamburg, a twin stroller was bumped by the wind on a slightly sloping site in a private garden and carried along with the children into a pond. According to media reports, one of the two boys got his head under the icy cold water.

The mother ran after the pram immediately, she had only been inattentive for a brief moment.

With the help of a neighbor, the woman saved her two children, pulled them out of the pond and immediately brought them into the warmth. An emergency doctor, who was brought to the scene by rescue helicopter, examined the little 22-month-old boy immediately. Fortunately, they survived the accident without any health consequences.

History shows what can happen if a stroller is left unattended for even a moment. Regardless of how new the model or the brakes are, such a risk should be avoided.

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