Harry Potter RPG: New release info from Warner Bros.

So when is Hogwarts Legacy coming out? Publisher Warner Bros. reacts indirectly to the rumors about the release postponement and names a clear period in which the role-playing game should appear.

In two official posts, publisher Warner Bros. is responding to rumors that Hogwarts Legacy will not be released this year. A post recently went online on the popular Wizarding World website in which the Release period is set to 2022 – so no shifts after all? Accordingly, the official plan seems to be this year.

Likewise, the Brazilian Twitter account of Warner Bros. Hogwarts Legacy counted among the games scheduled for release in 2022:

In a nutshell: Warner Bros. still seems to expect a release in 2022. When exactly the Hogwarts role-playing game should appear this year, however, was not discussed in detail.

Original message of January 17, 2022

Insiders believe the release will be postponed

More and more rumors indicate that Hogwarts Legacy will no longer appear in 2022. In a Sacred Symbols podcast episode, industry veteran Colin Moriarty explains that the Harry Potter RPG appears to be in serious trouble. He heard that the game shouldn’t be released this year.

The background is information that he picked up from someone involved in the development of the game. He does not provide evidence and the publisher Warner Bros. Entertainment has not yet commented on the rumor.

Hogwarts Legacy: Release 2022 or 2023?

A few days ago, the Twitter account AccountNGT already pointed out that developer Avalanche Software is currently looking for a localization producer for Hogwarts Legacy. Whether that’s a good sign or a bad one is anyone’s guess – after all, translating a game also takes a while, especially when it’s a blockbuster like Hogwarts Legacy.

In the last few days there have also been rumors about a upcoming PlayStation presentation came to light. Industry insider Tom Henderson, for example, summarizes that the next Sony event will take place in February and will likely be quite big:

“Current rumors suggest that the next Sony event could take place in February – based on the events that took place this month and the dates of previous PlayStation events. It will probably be a state of play, but it has the potential to be pretty big.”

You can find out exactly when Hogwarts Legacy will be released in February. And should the Harry Potter RPG not being featured during the State of Play – well, that would certainly be a sign as well. And not a good one.

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