Harry Styles: That's what makes his Vogue cover so special

In a white lace dress and with a balloon: singer Harry Styles is the first man to decorate the cover of the US fashion magazine "Vogue" alone.

Harry Styles (26, "Adore You") graces the cover of the December issue of the US American "Vogue". The British pop singer is the first man to decorate the title of the famous fashion magazine, which is mainly aimed at women, on his own. Since the first issue 127 years ago, only ten men have made it onto the cover – but never alone.

Styles is pictured in a floor-length white lace dress blowing up a blue balloon. The photo series was taken at the Seven Sisters rocks in Sussex, England and shows the singer in his typical androgynous looks.

Harry Styles doesn't care about gender norms

The former one-direction singer is known for whistling about common gender norms and has already appeared in the past in a pink suit, with lavender-colored nail polish or in a chiffon blouse with ruffles.

"Clothes are there to have fun and to experiment and play with. If you leave the usual conventions behind, you have a lot more leeway," explains Styles in the "Vogue" interview. "It's so much fun to play with clothes. I've never thought much about what it means – it just becomes just another part of creating something."