“he didn’t look well”, the testimony of the young man’s mother-in-law

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Kevin and Leslie have been missing since last November. Karine Prat, the young man’s mother-in-law, remains hopeful of finding them despite the passage of time. She confided in Kevin’s attitude the day before he disappeared.

Last November, Leslie and Kevin, aged 22 and 21, did not give any sign of life. Since then, their families have lived in anguish. Kevin Trompat’s mother-in-law, Karine Prat, who has been in a relationship with her father for 3 years, confided in The New Republic. “While cleaning, I found Kevin’s passport under the sofa. At least I tell myself that he cannot leave the European Union… I brought him to the gendarmes on January 26. I know that they do painstaking work but for us, two months without news, it’s very long, we would like it to go faster“, she confided.

She remembered the last evening she spent with her stepson. “Usually, Kevin, it’s our stress, he’s always relaxed”. But he absented himself “for an appointment in the Place de l’Eglise and on the way back, he didn’t look well. He talked about five guys in a car he didn’t know staring at him. I suggested that we go see together but he didn’t want to go back. He went and splashed cold water on his face and moved on.”, she revealed. Since then, Karine Prat has not seen Kevin again.

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“You have to expect everything”

The one who considers Kevin as her son could not hide her concern about the disappearance of the young couple. “We are still in the dark”, she revealed. And to continue on possible sequestration. “If we want to rob you, we knock you out, we take the money and we leave you on the sidelines. But then, why are we keeping them? If they are sequestered, at some point there will be psychological trauma. Two months, it leaves traces. And what do they do to them? What’s the point ? We are not rich like Croesus, we do not roll on gold. And we weren’t asked for anything…”

Karine Prat still hopes that Kévin and Leslie will be found. After two months, you have to expect everything… But we want to keep hope, it also keeps us going. Sometimes at night I wake up crying, trying to push that idea out of my mind. I don’t want to think about it”she concluded.

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