He dropped off the children in front of their home: a bus driver dismissed for “wild” stops

For the driver as for the parents concerned, the safety of the children was at stake.

A school bus driver in Haute-Vienne, who used to drop off schoolchildren in front of their homes for security reasons, was dismissed for serious misconduct by his employer, we learned from those concerned.

As revealed by the regional daily The People of the Centerthe company Europ Voyages, the new holder of the public contract in the Billanges sector, a town of 300 inhabitants, accuses him of having made so-called “stopswild“, different from those planned on its route, in this rural area. The employer also calls into question the behavior of the employee to explain his decision. “When I asked him not to bring the children home anymore, he insulted me. He did not respect the relationship of subordination», affirms Maxime Trossat, manager of the company.

But for the driver as for the parents concerned, it was a question of the safety of the children who would have had, otherwise, to walk on the edge of roads considered dangerous, in particular at night. “It was inconceivable to let children take risks“Explained to an AFP correspondent the ex-driver, in business for 17 years according to the regional daily Le Populaire du Centre, which revealed the case. “It didn’t make me change my route. These practices were tolerated in the past“Adds the one who wants to seize the prud’hommes.

My daughter, a 12-year-old schoolgirl, had to do 650 meters in the dark on a municipal road, without sidewalks or markings on the ground. She had to walk through the ditches to get home“, testified Christelle Nozière, a resident of Billanges who plans to file a complaint for endangering the lives of others. “We could trust him [au chauffeur] children with their eyes closed. Fire someone for that, it revolts me“.

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