Health and vaccination pass, deadlines…: what really changes from this Saturday, January 15

By Marjorie Ansion

Sanitary pass, vaccination pass, deadlines… What changes from this Saturday, January 15? Update on the new measures

On Saturday January 15, new measures concerning the fight against Covid-19 were announced by the government. If that on the health pass comes into force, that of the vaccination pass is postponed.

1. New condition for having a valid health pass

Regarding the health pass, Saturday January 15, it will be conditioned on the booster dose for all people over 18 years of age. Before January 15, two doses of vaccine were enough to have a complete vaccination schedule and thus obtain your health pass. From now on, all vaccinated people must have received their booster dose within seven months of their last injection, otherwise they will have their health pass deactivated.

The booster dose can be given three months after the last injection of a double-dose vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca). According to the vaccine and to know from when another dose of vaccine is possible, the Health Insurance has set up the site:

According to an estimate by the Ministry of Health, between 500,000 and 700,000 people did not take their booster dose in time and will see their health passes deactivate on January 15.

The conditions of application of the health pass remain unchanged, as specified in the decree of the Official Journal published on June 7, 2021.

2. For those who have had Covid-19 or those who have not been vaccinated

For all people who have contracted Covid-19, the rule is the same: an infection is worth an injection of vaccine. Thus, a dose of vaccine must be made a maximum of seven months (and also a minimum of three) after being contaminated, in order to maintain an “active” health pass.

For non-vaccinated people, nothing changes. The health pass is valid upon presentation of the result of a negative PCR test, an antigenic test or a self-test carried out under the supervision of a professional. These negative tests activate a health pass for 24 hours, as was the case before January 15.

3. Changed the time between doses on February 15

Another date can be confusing: that of February 15, in a month. This date shortens the time between doses: the booster dose of vaccine increases to four months after the last injection or infection. In other words, this means that any adult who has not received their booster dose four months after their last injection or their last Covid infection will have their health pass deactivated. The seven-month period is therefore only valid between January 15 and February 15.

4. There is no longer any question of the vaccination pass on January 15

Last point, the vaccination pass. The government spoke well of its establishment on January 15. However, the failure of the discussions, resulting in heated debates in the National Assembly and the Senate, delayed the planned timetable. No date of entry into force of this bill, which is still “shuttle” between the two chambers, has been announced, even if it should be a matter of days.

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