Heavy sweating deodorant: the 7 most effective products

A deodorant for heavy sweating is not easy to find. We will help you to find the right product so that you will soon be free of stains and odors.

Excessive sweating is not only uncomfortable for you, it can also quickly become a burden for your surroundings – primarily because of the smell. Fortunately, there are deodorants, even aluminum-free ones, that are effective against odors and sweat stains. Be it a spray, a roller, a stick or even a cream – the cosmetics industry has a lot to offer and we have found the best products for your needs. If you want to completely do without products from the pharmacy or drugstore, you can also make your own deodorant. More on that later.

The test winner according to Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest regularly tests products for their suitability, including deodorants. In the current test from 2021, that was possible “Fresh Deodorant” from Sebamed Fight to the top of deodorants with a score of 2.5. In the test of antiperspirants in 2019, “Natural Minerals with Aloe Vera” from Lidl Cien turned out to be the test winner with a grade of 2.1 – followed by Nivea “Dry Comfort” with a grade of 2.3.

Now you may be wondering where the Difference Between Deodorants and Antiperspirants lies. Deodorants are responsible for reducing the formation of bacteria, because these are responsible for the smell of sweat, not the sweat itself. Therefore are in deodorants antibacterial fabrics and fragrancesto mask the resulting smell. Aluminum salts, on the other hand, are not contained; they are only found in antiperspirants. Because, as the name suggests, an antiperspirant is supposed to suppress perspiration. That’s what they are for contained aluminum salts responsible for temporarily clogging your sweat glands. Thus sweat cannot develop in the first place, so you no longer sweat. When using a deodorant, however, sweat is still produced, but you can take action against the smell. Note: The test does not specifically address deodorants for people who sweat profusely.

Roller, spray, stick or would you prefer a cream?

The decision whether to choose a roller, spray, stick or cream depends on your own preference. We have selected four products for every taste, which, according to customer reviews, have already performed very well and also serve the purpose of helping with heavy sweating.

Roll-on deodorant

A roll-on deodorant has many advantages. It is small, accordingly space-saving and therefore perfect for the bag and can be used precisely. Garnier Minerals “Ultra Dry” antiperspirant has been known for years for its effectiveness against heavy sweating. Its contained aluminum salts are said to be up to Protect from armpit wetness and body odor for 48 hours. The emulsion is quickly absorbed and does not leave the skin feeling sticky, and irritation is also very rare.


The deodorant spray is known for that absolute feeling of freshness after application. Whether after the morning shower or for in between – you always feel fresher when the deodorant is applied. What is particularly useful is that sprays apply all over the body let and like body crap works. That “Shower freshness” spray from Hidrofugal As a strong antiperspirant, it not only protects you from sweating, but also gives off a pleasant scent.

Deodorant stick

Anyone looking for an alternative to roll-ons is well served with a deodorant stick. The creamy texture is gentle on your skin and especially suitable if you is irritated or generally sensitive. Aluminum salts are completely dispensed with and the im Nivea “Fresh Natural” deo stick The fragrances contained in it do not irritate your skin.


A deodorant is environmentally the best product. There is no plastic, nothing has to be sprayed and that Cream from pony cones is also vegan – and still very effective. Since it is a Deodorant cream based on coconut oil acts are no aluminum salts included in the handmade product, as well as no alcohol and no preservatives.

How dangerous are aluminum salts?

Until July 2020, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment was not sure whether aluminum salts actually have negative effects on our nervous system and can thus trigger breast cancer or Alzheimer’s. The investigations began mainly in 2001, when suspicious developments were noticed in two study participants. To what extent the aluminum absorbed by antiperspirants is responsible for the entire aluminum content in a person’s body, a new study could not find out even 15 years later. However, the institute has now determined that the Risk is lower than previously assumed. Even with an antiperspirant spray and the mist that you inhale, the concentration is so low that it is not harmful to the human body. Therefore, according to the Federal Institute use an antiperspirant every day without hesitation will.

Why does sweat smell the way it smells anyway?

The smell of sweat is multifaceted. It starts with the fact that the sweat of women and men smells different. Men sweat faster and more than womenbecause they have more sweat glands. The smell has something to do with our inner workings on the one hand and with the bacteria on our skin on the other. That found in larger quantities in men Testosterone works much more intensely in connection with the bacteriawhich is why men’s sweat often smells stronger. The testosterone, which is carried to the surface of the skin when you sweat, is in itself odorless. In women it is similar, the smell only develops through the connection with the bacteria on our skin. It is in parts of the body where there is apocrine sweat glands are stronger. These include the Armpits and the genital area. The sweat produced here is more nutritious and therefore has a more intense odor after contact with bacteria than the sweat in the eccrine areas like your hands or forehead.

Make deodorant yourself – that’s how it works!

You can find home-made items not only in the kitchen, but also in cosmetics. It’s not about the taste, but also about avoiding preservatives and other contents that are not good for our body. If you would like to make a deodorant yourself, we have a simple recipe for you that you can expand as required. For this you need:

First you heat the water and let the cornstarch boil in it. The starch may not dissolve in warm water. In that case, stir them with a little cold water beforehand and then add the mixture to the heated water. The warmth creates a creamy mass that you let cool down. Then stir in the baking soda. Finally, you can refine the deodorant with oils. Tea tree oil is particularly suitable for this, peppermint or lavenderthat have an antibacterial and soothing effect. Then you fill the mass into a cleaned deodorant container and you can use your self-made deodorant.

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