Heidi Klum: Your children are also part of the Halloween costume

Heidi Klum seems to open big guns on October 31. Their children also play a role in this year's Halloween masquerade.

Heidi Klum (47) has already got support several times for her big appearance on Halloween. While there were several clones with whom she was photographed at her party in 2016, husband Tom Kaulitz (31) had to serve as an ogre Shrek and blood-drenched astronaut in the past two years. It is not yet known what role he will play this year. But one thing is certain: For the first time, the model will also involve his children in the eerily beautiful staging on October 31.

On Instagram, the 47-year-old published a snapshot of four masked figures with skulls on Friday evening, the day before Halloween. Who is hidden under the costumes? Klum, who is not in the picture, explained: "Halloween is something very special this year because I get help from my children!"

Does Heidi Klum surprise with several looks?

Klum also gave a first look at her costume, or rather, at her two costumes. If she let herself be transformed into a kind of stone person for the first look with white and gray body color, sand and earth tones dominate her second look. In addition, she posted the notes: "First you see me, now not anymore" and "I do my best to adapt as well as possible".