Heino: His wife Hannelore decreed this in her will

Hannelore decreed this in her will

Hannelore (†) and Heino

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It was only a few weeks ago that pop singer Heino, 84, lost the love of his life. His wife Hannelore Kramm, †81, died of a sudden cardiac arrest on November 8, 2023. Now it has been revealed what is in her will.

Hannelore’s last will

As “Bild” reports, Heino is currently staying with his manager Helmut Werner, 39, and his family in Styria. The singer and his Hannelore would have felt a strong connection to Werner, his wife Nicole, 33, and their little son Lennie during their lifetime. He is therefore planning to move with his manager and his family into the house in Kitzbühel where he was happy with his Hannelore for so long. “We will all be moving into our Kitzbühel house together next spring because we have become a grown family,” Heino told “Bild”. He admitted that he couldn’t return alone: ​​”I would go crazy.” But the young family is helping him, especially now in this difficult time for him: “Helmut and Nicole do everything for me – and their baby Lennie brings me a little joy even in my time of sadness. I thank the good Lord that I have them I have three now.”

Heino’s manager Helmut Werner (l.) was given generous consideration in Hannelore’s will.

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Manager Helmut Werner is the main heir

That’s why Werner was even included in Hannelore’s will, Heino revealed to the paper: “It was Hannelore’s will and mine that after my death Helmut inherits the house and everything we have worked on together in the last few years. That’s how we have it agreed and that’s what it says in Hannelore’s will,” he said. Hannelore loved Werner like her own son. They would have already arranged for him to become the main heir during his lifetime. According to “Bild”, the villa in a prime location in Kitzbühel, Austria, is said to be worth several million euros and has four floors and an indoor swimming pool.

Heino’s biological son Uwe Kramm goes away empty-handed

Heino’s biological son Uwe Kramm, 63, however, is left empty-handed, according to the paper’s information. He won’t inherit anything from Hannelore, “because she wasn’t his biological mother,” says Heino. Uwe comes from the pop singer’s first marriage to Henriette Heppner. Even if he dies, says Heino, Uwe will only inherit the compulsory share. “I’m not prepared to give something to someone who has never done anything for me and Hannelore,” the musician explained his decision. He is of the opinion that his son cannot keep the house in Kitzbühel with his pension anyway, but can only sell it. ““I’m not prepared to give Uwe the most beautiful place in Kitzbühel,” said Heino, “and Hannelore didn’t want that either. We both decided that Helmut would get our inheritance.” So Heino’s grandchildren, Uwe Kramm’s two sons, also go away empty-handed.

Heino’s biological son Uwe Kramm (right, here 2001) inherits nothing from Hannelore and only the compulsory share from his father.

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When asked about the inheritance, manager Helmut Werner told “Bild” with the words: “I would be happier if our Hannelore were still with us, but I am grateful for this trust.” He and his family would never abandon Heino and would always be there for him.

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