Helene Fischer: THAT'S WHY she's so successful


She fills the concert halls with thousands of her fans. It won the Echo in the "Album of the Year" category. Anyone can sing along with the text of the chorus for "breathless", whether they like it or not. Helene Fischer is by far one of the most successful singers in all of Germany. But how did Helene make the big leap? What is her secret recipe? If anyone knows, it is pop titan Dieter Bohlen.

The secret is out

Helene Fischer was not successful overnight. The 35-year-old had to fight hard to get a record deal. "Helene Fischer was then offered everywhere, at every record company in Germany and everyone rejected it," reveals Dieter Bohlen in an interview with "Radio Hamburg". But then the tide turned – and there was only one reason, said Dieter Bohlen.


When there was nothing left, they said: Come on, let's do it in German.

The language of their songs is said to have been the deciding factor. English = a flop, German = a guarantee of success, is the formula. Sounds logical. With "Breathless" the pop singer finally became an absolute superstar. Her English song "See you again" flopped tremendously. The simple explanation of the pop title:

I'll explain the problem to you. It's because of English, the only reason is English.

If you want to hone your career as a pop singer, you should translate your songs into German. Who knows, maybe this trick will make a big breakthrough.

Who is Helene Fischer? Facts & Figures

  • Helene Fischer is a pop singer, dancer, entertainer, television presenter and actress.
  • She is one of the most successful singers in Germany.
  • Her birthday is August 5, 1984.
  • Helene Fischer was with pop singer Florian Silbereisen for many years. Their separation shocked the whole of Germany.
  • In the meantime, Helene Fischer has been dating the acrobat Thomas Seitel.

Sources used: Radio Hamburg