Her baby falls into a manhole, she saves him at the last minute


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A simple playground can be a danger for the little ones. In New Jersey, a mother barely saved her child from drowning, who fell into a manhole on Thursday, September 23.

A mother’s instinct is stronger than anything. A terrible tragedy could have happened in the United States, in New Jersey, without the vigilance of this mother. This Thursday, September 23, her 14-month-old son suddenly disappeared near a playground 15km from New York. After searching for him for a few minutes, the mother whose name was not revealed found the child in an embarrassing position. According to local newspaper ABC 7, the child accidentally fell into an enormous manhole more than 2 meters deep. Immediately, the young woman called 911 to help her. But the little boy began to gesticulate.

Long before help arrived, the situation quickly became critical. The water having risen several centimeters, only the child’s head was still visible. The mother did not hesitate a second and was quick to jump to retrieve it. Without this last-minute gesture, the 11-month-old could have been swallowed up and taken to an underground area that was too narrow. Once there, the emergency services praised the bravery of the American: “I think when your child is in a situation like this, you will do all you can to save him”said Anthony Schmidtberg, a member of the city’s fire department.

Mother and child are safe and sound

Fortunately, the two victims came out without serious injuries according to the emergency services present on the spot. However, the young mother was upset by this event and came out in tears. Despite the reassuring health of the child and its mother, they were taken to hospital as a precaution. Following this accident, Anthony Schmidtberg issued a warning: “You have to be very careful and watch where you are walking. Especially when there has been a storm. With water, some things can appear all of a sudden and if you fall you will not be able to get out of it.” The authorities went to check every manhole cover in the parks, just to be on the safe side.

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