Here are the 4 best self-tanners to give yourself a healthy glow without the sun, according to the UFC-What to choose (safe for your health)

Not all self-tanners succeed in artificially tanning our skin to give it a pretty golden tan, without being risky for our health. UFC-Que Choisir warns against a common substance found in most of these tanning products and reveals the 4 self-tanners that you can use lightly this spring summer.

Serving consumers, the Federal Consumers’ Union carries out numerous tests to check the cosmetic qualities and compositions of the beauty products we buy every day. Going further than simple regulations regarding cosmetics, it thus warns us of certain risks that we run without even knowing it, such as for example the presence of substances potentially harmful to the skin and health, in self-tanners which we use to give ourselves a healthy glow without having to expose ourselves to the sun.

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In its latest investigation into self-tanners, L’UFC-Que Choisir recalls that DHA, the molecule which tints the skin to give it the appearance of tanned skin “is also known for its propensity to release formaldehyde. However, this substance has been banned since 2019 in cosmetic products because it was found to be sensitizing for the skin and carcinogenic by inhalation”. Important information for people who have sensitive skin notably, in addition to its potential health risks.

Formaldehyde in self-tanners: what do the regulations say?

For other cosmetic products, the law provides that beyond 10 mg/kg of formaldehyde released, a warning such as “contains formaldehyde” must be readable on the product packaging in order to prevent people with allergies. But the problem is that this regulation only concerns formaldehyde released by preservatives in beauty products, while DHA is not a preservative substance. So there is no warning about formaldehyde on self-tanners.

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This is why UFC-Que Choisir analyzed several commercial self-tanners and measured both their DHA in order to control compliance with the regulatory limit (10%) and the formaldehyde produced during its decomposition. The Federal Consumers’ Union also analyzed the other ingredients present in these tanning products to check if they do not contain other problematic ones.

Here’s the Best Self Tanner to Use If You’re Allergic, According to UFC-What to Choose

After sifting through a selection of self-tanners, UFC Que Choisir recommends against some, but the consumer association still estimates that 4 of them can offer you a tan without sun and without too much risk. for your health. Among the self-tanner references validated by the Federal Consumers’ Union, we find Vichy Ideal Soleil self-tanning moisturizing milk which is equipped, according to the association, with the most self-tanning formula “recommended for people with allergies because it does not contain any allergens”.

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This self-tanning milk also offers “a lovely intense, natural and uniform color” and that “lasts over time”even if we still find “traces of formaldehyde, inherent to the main active ingredient in self-tanners”.

These 2 self-tanners validated by UFC-Que Choisir are among the best for tanning your skin

  • Love at first Tan self-tanning mousse from the B.Tan brand : this self-tanner in foam form has a fairly satisfactory composition because it “does not contain allergens” even if there are traces of formaldehyde.“Texture, smell, application… The testers appreciated the cosmetic qualities of this self-tanner”concludes the association.

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  • the Self Tan Classic self-tanning mousse from the St Tropez brand : offering a tan “satisfying” Who “appears immediately”, it is a self-tanner with cosmetic qualities validated by the UFC-Que Choisir, even if we find allergens and formaldehyde in its composition.

Here is the best supermarket self-tanner at a low price, according to UFC-What to choose

Self-tanners validated by the consumer association cost more than 15 euros, when they are not difficult to find, with the exception of Garnier Natural Bronzer Self-Tanning Lotion Solar Ambre which is also validated by the UFC-Que Choisir, but is easily found in large and medium-sized stores.

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Sold at the price of 11.70 euros for 200 ml of self-tanner, it offers “a beautiful natural, intense and long-lasting shade” for a convincing tanned effect. It also contains some allergens and formaldehyde, but the association judges it to be much better than others in its category.

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