Here are the most assigned dog and cat names in 2023 and they all start with the letter U

The French and their pets, quite a story! If each year a letter is assigned in alphabetical order to give a first name to these adorable little balls of fur, we reveal to you the ranking of the most given first names in 2023 starting with the letter U!

If we very often discover numerous rankings for the names given to babies, whether they are the sweetest names or the shortest, the same exercise was applied for the names most given to our fur balls! A difficult choice since the first name of a pet must generally be unanimous among the whole family, neither too long nor too short, a bit original, there is something for everyone! Although you can always call your dog or cat whatever you want, it was in 1926 that the Société Centrale Canine implemented a rule to facilitate research on an animal.

Indeed, the rule implies that all dogs born in the same year must have a first name starting with the same letter! A standard which was quickly adopted by the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins) for cats. If the letters K, Q, W, year of the letter that follows it. Basically, it’s possible to call your dog Quicky in the year of the R. And for the year 2023, the U is in the spotlight!

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The ranking of the most given U-shaped first names

If it is quite complicated to find the right first name for your pet and you will soon have to face it, an animal insurance comparator, Animaux-relax, has just published its ranking of first names starting with the letter U. no longer given to dogs and cats. A ranking which brings together the results of more than 5,356 dogs and 5,025 cats registered by the insurance between the period from January 1, 2023 to August 8 of the same year merged since the results of the two species are very similar.

A classification which reveals that the first name Una meaning “unique» is the one most attributed to the female side and Ulysses, the hero of Greek mythology, to the male side. Next comes Ulka which means “meteor» in Hindu and Uma taken from the famous actress Uma Thurman for female first names. The males then obtain Uno and Usko in second and third position.

Female first name:
2— Ulka
3— Uma
5— Utah
6— Uquette
8— Ulya
9— Ulla
10- Umy

Male first name:
1— Ulysses
2- One
3- Usko
4- Ulk
5— Urus
6- Ugo
7- Ulys
8- Ucky
9- Uggy
10- Uki

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