here is the short cut that will be essential this winter, according to a hairstylist

Short cuts will still be very popular in 2024, but they will radically change their look. A hairdresser reveals the way to wear short hair which will be the most trendy from January 2024.

The end of year holidays (and their incredible holiday hairstyles) are approaching, but it’s already time to think about the hair trends of 2024. Among the haircuts that hit the mark, we have already presented to you the bob cut which will be the most trendy next year, but short cuts are also “definitely in fashion for 2024”, as announced by the artificial intelligences ChatGPT and Bard. The AIs also predicted short layered hair and an attraction to neutral or unisex hairstyles, and they were not wrong according to Francesca Inverarity, hairdresser at The Hair Bros interviewed by the Vogue American, which reveals the short cut which will be the most trendy in 2024 : there soft crop.

As the name of this short cut suggests, it is a “interpretation of the classic and timeless short haircut with short hair that appears to have grown back” specifies, in fact, the hairdresser. In other words, a short cut that has some lengths And quite soft and blurred lines, which allows you to vary your hairstyles even with short hair. A practical hairstyle trend, especially since it is easy to maintain. As Francesca Inverarity points out, unlike many short cuts, “there is no need to use a hairdryer or brush” to style a short soft crop cutbecause She “requires little maintenance” and is easily worn with a slightly disheveled effect.

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The soft crop, a versatile short cut that allows you to change your style

As the expert reveals, in addition to having soft lines and a gradient that give more volume to the hair, the short soft crop cut can be easily styled in several ways on a daily basis. “You can wear it swept to one side or styled back” to clear your face, “brushed forward to create the illusion of bangs”; or even “with clips and hair accessories” as the hairdresser suggests, which allows us to adopt the trend of hair accessories which are making a comeback next year in our hairstyles. A boon !

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