Here it all begins: Rose discovers the unthinkable about Carla

In “Here it all begins”, Carla is looking for her biological parents and Rose thinks that she could well be the young woman’s mother! How would this be possible? Is she right?

In Here it all begins, Carla (Aaricia Lemaire) is looking for her parents and could well have found her mother… within the Auguste Armand Institute itself! In the episode of Friday, November 17, the young woman discovered that she was entrusted as a baby to social services at the beginning of January 2005, by a certain Gaspard Mérin.

Carla in search of her origins

However, at the time when Rose (Vanessa Demouy) was still in a relationship with her narcissistic perverted ex Raphaël, the latter gave birth to a supposedly stillborn baby at the beginning of January 2005… Also, “Gaspard Mérin” was the name of a character in a novel written by Raphaël!

Doubting that it could be a coincidence, Rose assumes that Raphaël lied to her about their child and that Carla could therefore be none other than his daughter! Determined to get to the bottom of it, Clotilde’s sister (Elsa Lunghini) takes matters into her own hands…

In the episode of Here it all begins which will be offered on TF1 this Monday, Rose manages to steal a hair from Carla from the student’s brush. She sends it to a laboratory doing DNA testing! But as Clotilde points out, this is an illegal practice…

Rose is Carla’s mother!

Worried, the chef fears that Rose will no longer take her treatment to stabilize her bipolar disorder and that this baby thing will deeply disturb her. Clotilde therefore digs into the affairs of the director of the master’s degree and is surprised by the main interested party! Fortunately, Rose proves to him that she is still taking her medication.

For her part, Carla continues her investigation, thinking that Gaspard Mérin could be her father. She searches social networks and, surprise, someone called Gaspard Mérin answers her! They plan to meet the next day.

Upon learning this, Rose is completely disillusioned and realizes that her theory ultimately does not hold up. She even confides to Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) that she fears that her treatment will no longer do the trick… Upset, she then receives the results of the DNA tests: she and Carla are indeed mother and daughter!

To be continued in Here it all begins…

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