Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 807 of Thursday November 30, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Tension rises during the exams. At Double A, Laetitia plays tricks to stand out in service. In the marshes, the choice of a future roommate divides.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Thursday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Thursday November 30 in Here it all begins…

Thibault in a coma

After being violently thrown to the ground following the explosion of one of the Atelier’s ovens, Thibault was taken to hospital. Victim of head trauma, he was placed in an artificial coma. Jasmine joins the Leroys, who are already at her bedside. Thibault’s condition depends on the evolution of his brain edema.

At the Institute, students are worried about the safety of the kitchens. But experts went there to check all the installations and avoid new accidents.

Later, the students gathered at the amphitheater where Teyssier announced that the exams would continue despite what happened to Thibault. The First Years have one hour to prepare, while the Second Years will take their tests the next day. Jasmine finds it unfair that Thibault cannot take his exams at the same time as the rest of his class. She is campaigning to postpone them. Thanks to the support of her classmates, she won her case. Teyssier officially suspends Second Year exams until further notice.

The First Year test is then supervised by Thomas Lacroix. The students will have to make the signature dish of a one-star restaurant, as well as an individual bread, without a recipe or technical sheet. Bérénice is in full stress. Carla helps him focus on his breathing to control his anxiety. For his part, Jim is the most efficient. He is the first to finish his plate. As for Bérénice, she is on the verge of a panic attack after burning her bread. Lacroix motivates her to start cooking again, but Bérénice shouts at her while throwing her plate and her bread on the floor. The teacher then suggests that he take five minutes to calm down.

At the end of the test, Carla tries to reassure Bérénice about her chances of doing well in the exams. Jim comes to criticize Bérénice for her behavior. Carla defends her friend, retorting that Jim can’t understand since he doesn’t feel any emotion. Indeed, she emphasizes how he had no difficulty during the ordeal while his brother was in a coma. Carla adds that Jim is probably jealous of Thibault because he is attracted to Jasmine.

Jim turns on his heel and goes to the entrance of the Institute, where he waits for his father to return to the hospital. Jasmine joins him to go too. She tries to make efforts to resume some semblance of peaceful dialogue with Jim. The latter thanks her for suspending the Second Year exams.

At the hospital, Marc finds Jim and Jasmine in the hallway, informing them that Thibault is still in a coma. At the same time, the captain of the gendarmerie comes to tell them that the origin of the exposure of the oven was due to its too high temperature. Marc is surprised since the ovens are equipped with an alarm. The gendarme explains that the alarm has actually been deactivated. The police therefore concluded that it was an explosion of criminal origin…

Tom and Vic vying for roommate

In the park, Tom approaches Deva to find out if Amabre’s old room at the swamp roommate is still free. Upon learning that this is the case, he expresses interest in getting her back and asks Deva to plead his case to the other housemates. The latter accepts. In return, Tom agrees to wash her dishes and cook her a variety of breakfasts every morning for a year.

For his part, Enzo charms Anaïs and Salomé with homemade cookies in order to convince them to let Vic move in with the roommate.

Later, the roommates meet to decide between the four applications they received. They vote in turn: Tom and Vic are ex-aequo. To decide between them, David suggests organizing Olympics. The winner will get the room.

Laetitia does not give up

At the Commissary, Laetitia comes across Salomé preparing her ingredients for her service. Laetitia, who still does not accept having been kicked out of Stanislas’ classes, does not intend to give up. When Salomé reminds him that only Third Years are currently in charge of the service, this gives him an idea.

Laetitia thus makes the Third Year students believe that there has been a change in the schedule for the service. No one shows up, to the great dismay of Stanislas, who decides to provide the service alone. Laetitia therefore insists on helping him. He finally gives in.

During the service, Stanislas notices all of Laetitia’s good initiatives. At the end of the service, he thanks her for her help and agrees to reinstate her in his classes. Laetitia is delighted.

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